Make hiring decisions based on data, not on instinct.

Gild Source

Gild Source helps talent acquisition and engineering teams work together to find tech talent that can get the job done.

Gild Source not only helps companies identify the right talent, but it also enables them to discover people that might otherwise have been filtered out by unintentional bias.

Gild Source applies predictive analytics to solve fundamental hiring problems that plague nearly every industry. It offers a better way of finding and evaluating tech talent by bringing data science and predictive intelligence to the hiring process.

Our system scours the web for developers and automatically evaluates candidates based on their actual work using our proprietary algorithms.  That means you not only find the right people – you know who can get the job done.

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Introducing: The Gild Platform

The Gild Platform is an intelligent, automated hiring platform that helps companies achieve success through hiring the right people.

As the first comprehensive hiring platform, The Gild Platform uniquely brings together intelligence, automation, and collaboration, so companies can make hiring decisions based on data, rather than instinct.

All the elements you need for hiring – everything from sourcing products, to a CRM, an ATS, job posting capabilities, interviewing and scheduling tools, and more – are all in one platform.
The Gild Platform.

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