About Gild

Who We Are. What We Do. Why.

We launched Gild with a vision: to fundamentally transform hiring from the ground up.

Today’s hiring tools and technologies are fundamentally broken and from a previous era. We want to bring the same innovations that exist in the consumer technology world, like Amazon, Netflix, and Facebook, to hiring technology.

Hiring talent is truly hard work. The processes are manual and repetitive, and the databases are dumb. Recruiters spend almost 80% of their time today on low-value, non-strategic, boring, labor-intensive tasks.

So it makes sense that our story started with two executives – Sheeroy Desai and Luca Bonmassar – who were frustrated with the state of hiring. They felt the methods and tools companies used to find talent were fundamentally flawed. No one had been able to solve the most important hiring problem: figuring out how to get the right person into the right position at the right time. Enter Gild.

Gild helps recruiters return to spending time on what matters most – building relationships with candidates and hiring the right people, faster.

Gild is the only company using data science, consumer-friendly technologies, and predictive analytics to bring intelligence to all phases of the hiring process. That’s why Gild’s customers can find, nurture, and hire the right talent quicker, better, and more effectively. With Gild, hiring is simply smart and easy.

Our Smarts

Everything we do has a foundation in data science, consumer-friendly technologies, and predictive analytics to make every phase of the hiring cycle smart. Our smart platform is hiring management success software that eases recruiters’ daily pain-points, so they can make better hires, faster and more effectively.

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Who We Are

We’re here to make hiring smarter. Join us as we build a new market, revolutionize an industry,
and have tons of fun in the process.

If you’re ready to become a Gilder, check out our Careers page and let us hear from you.

Our Values

Our core values drive everything we do and who we are. We believe in creating a great company with an intentional cultural. Our values are the beliefs that guide our business, hiring, behavior, and even our products.

Wow Effect

Our Investors

We’re proud to have a great group of company builders and market makers behind us, firms that are invested in shaking up an industry and committed to making hiring smart.

Angel Testimonial – Mark Kvamme

“What Gild is doing is truly revolutionary. Its smart hiring platform arms companies with everything they need to get the right candidates, make informed decisions, and leap ahead of the competition.”

Mark Kvamme / Co-Founder and Partner

Angel Testimonial – Venky Ganesan

“Once in a generation you get an opportunity to truly transform a space. Meeting Sheeroy and Luca of Gild was that opportunity for Menlo. We cannot wait to see how Gild transforms the human capital landscape.”

Venky Ganesan / Managing Director

Angel Testimonial – Andy Goldfarb

“Talent is the gold mine. The Gild Platform provides the ultimate picks and axes for mining that gold. Gild continues to strategically expand its offering to meet the needs of a competitive hiring environment.”

Andy Goldfarb / Co-Founder and Executive Managing Director

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