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Stop Failing at Recruiting, Start Tracking Rejects

Just because you're interviewing scores of highly qualified candidates for an open position doesn't mean you're recruiting correctly. Because if you're labeling those that don't make the final cut as rejects and dismissing them, you're still doing recruiting wrong. You should be continuously cultivated and adding these "rejects" to your recruiting pipeline — much like you do with passive candidates. Otherwise, you're starting from scratch with every new recruiting effort.If you're committing this hiring sin, you're in good company: the majority of recruiters fail to focus on cultivating prior candidates. But if...
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Should You or Shouldn’t You? Two Sides of the Internal Hire Debate

Like most companies, yours probably prides itself not only on sourcing great talent, but developing it, as well. You most likely hang your hat on this idea, planting that phrase in company literature and job postings. But if that idea is nothing more than lip service, you're doing yourselves, your employees, and — most importantly — your company a huge disservice.Internal employees can make some of the best potential hires. For one, they know your company already — the culture, the idiosyncrasies, what works and what doesn't. Beyond that, though, it also allows them the chance to advance their careers,...
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How Dan Gleeson Built a Killer Sales Recruiting Shop at Park Place Technologies

If you're looking for Dan Gleeson, you can usually find him indulging in one of his two passions. When the senior recruiter at Park Place Technologies isn't searching for new hires, you can find the avid film buff alongside his girlfriend in front of a screen, either at the theater or at home, binging on Hollywood's latest offerings. “We've probably watched more movies than the next ten people combined!" he admits.We caught up with Gleeson in between cinematic adventures to discuss everything from his interview process to the future of recruiting technology.Did you plan on becoming a recruiter, or did you...
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GILD 5-MINUTE MONDAY: Interview Questions That Actually Help You Hire

This week saw a bevy of talent acquisition stories. It was such a busy week, in fact, that it was more difficult than usual to weed through the headlines and cull down the best stories. But worry not — the deed is done. You're welcome.5 Interview Questions That Actually Help You HireLou Adler makes a bold claim in this article — that he's found the perfect interview question. Find out what it is, along with what red flags you should look out for when you ask someone why they're leaving their current job. Via EREmedia.comGE Uses Hot Sauce to Burnish Image With Young RecruitsTalk about employer...
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What You Don’t Know About Analytics May Crush Your Hiring Efforts

Data. Analytics. Reporting. Three words recruiters and hiring managers throw around on the daily. But they're also three words you probably couldn't distinguish between if your job depended on it. But guess what — it does.And although hiring teams are working hard to use data to find better candidates, identify weak areas of the recruiting process, and better address questions around ROI, they're doing so incorrectly. That's because the majority of recruiters can't begin to describe the difference between analytics and reporting.Don't get us wrong — each plays an important role in HR communications. But...
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