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Optimizing With Data in Talent Acquisition

Many talent acquisition leaders are beginning to borrow from the digital marketing playbook by using data to refine their recruiting strategy. Sophisticated data-driven optimization is not limited to the realm of digital marketing wunderkinds; it’s essential for making smart business decisions, including talent acquisition.[Tweet "Data is key to #recruitment optimization"]ANALYZE YOUR SOURCING CHANNELS A great starting point for data-driven optimization is with an analysis of your candidate sources. Evaluating sourcing channels whether it’s job boards, employee referrals, agency referrals, etc. is a...
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Hiring for Customer Support

You’re about to hire someone who may end up being in contact with your customers more than anyone else at your company. They’re someone you will trust to maintain that million dollar relationship your sales team worked so hard to close this month. This is your customer service representative or support engineer.A successful hire will be someone who helps the customer be successful and strengthens their relationship with your company, not drive them to your competitor. So how do you ensure a successful hire?[Tweet "How to successfully hire for customer support"]UNDERSTANDING IS KEY It starts with...
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The Future of Hiring? It’s a Recruiting Stack

An integrated Talent Acquisition solution called a “recruiting stack” can address many of the issues companies face in identifying, engaging, and hiring the right talent. A recruiting stack includes component solutions to support each step of the recruiting funnel through which candidates travel on their way to become full-fledged employees. The five stages of a recruiting funnel are: Awareness, Consideration, Conversion, Loyalty, and Advocacy.We've put together this infographic to illustrate how recruiting stack can transform your hiring process.[Tweet "Using a #recruiting stack can transform your...
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Customer Support: Who You Gonna Call?

Superior customer support is difficult to come by. Just ask the original Ghostbusters. Don’t get me wrong, I have a special place in my heart for Janine, but an aloof representative isn’t good for business.“Gild, whataya want?” will never be uttered from our lips, no matter how much fun it is to do a snarky New York accent.We pride ourselves on top notch customer service and support. In fact, it’s one of the distinguishing features that sets us apart from competitors. Our goal, like most organizations, is to offer a superior product and to make the customer happy. Sometimes absolute happiness is...
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Hiring a Recruiter: 5 Traits of Successful Recruiters

Recruiters spend their whole careers finding the best people to join their companies -- so how in the world do you find and hire the recruiter who's then going to source and close all of your future rockstar employees? In my career, I’ve interviewed and hired my fair share of recruiters and I believe that being successful as a recruiter comes down to more than just being able to find and close strong candidates. As recruiting technology becomes more intelligent, and other areas become more automated, these key traits will continue to propel successful recruiters. Metrics-Driven We’ve written before about...
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