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Why a “Recruiting Stack” is the Right Solution for Talent Acquisition (Part 2)

In Part I of the Why a “Recruiting Stack” is the Right Solution for Talent Acquisition blog post we defined what a recruiting stack is and what the five components are that make it up. If you missed that post, or need a refresher, you can brush up on that info here. For Part II of this post, let’s dive into what makes a recruiting stack different from other recruiting technologies.You’ll remember in Part I we defined a recruiting stack as a holistic end-to-end recruiting solution made up of component solutions that support each step of the recruiting process: Awareness, Consideration, Conversion,...
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Can Recruiting Technology Help You Prepare for the Retirement Tsunami?

As a recruiter, you likely spend a good chunk of your time trying to wrap your head around how to communicate with Millennials. And, if you're savvy, you may even take some time figuring out how to attract the up-and-coming gen Z candidates. But while you're focusing on the youngins, it's another generation that is likely to shake your recruiting foundation: Baby Boomers.How? Because there are approximately 76 million baby boomers in the United States, with an average of 10,000 of them set to retire daily until 2030. And with the impending mass exodus of boomers underway, organizations face a drain on critical...
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How to Hire the Perfect UX Designer

What the heck is a UX designer? This is a question that’s presented to me often, and it’s a question that any recruiter or hiring manager needs to know before hiring the perfect UX designer for your company. First and foremost, a UX designer is NOT a visual/graphic designer who will make pretty apps and buttons. That is a completely different skill-set. Don’t let the word “designer” fool you. WHAT UX DESIGNERS ACTUALLY DO So what does a UX designers do? The official definition of UX design states:“The process of enhancing user satisfaction by improving the usability, accessibility, and pleasure...
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Why a “Recruiting Stack” is the Right Solution for Talent Acquisition (Part 1)

Just like a traditional sales and marketing funnel is designed to lead prospects through the buying journey until they become customers, a recruiting funnel is designed to lead candidates through the recruiting process until they’re hired and become employees.The “good news” is that there are more channels than ever before for companies to use to attract prospects and fill the funnel. The “bad news” is that companies need to be increasingly agile and make decisions faster than ever, especially when it comes to hiring, while at the same time managing steadily growing amounts of data. ...
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Your Recruiting Efforts are Wasting Millions

It's the “B" word no one likes to discuss: budget. The age-old question “How much are we spending?" can feel like a punch to the gut whether it comes from the lips of a hiring manager or someone from the C-suite. And that's because you know, but don't like to acknowledge, the simple truth—you're wasting your recruiting dollars.We know that's a tough pill to swallow, no matter how big your budget. But you're not alone in your spending follies. In the U.S., companies continue to make it rain with their recruitment dollars, spending a combined $72 billion each year on recruitment alone, focusing roughly $3,500...
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