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Customer Story: Why Hiring Should Be Treated as a Team Sport

At Gild, we believe that hiring should be a team sport!Gild has been working with a small software startup headquartered in San Francisco that needed to hire several developers fast in order to meet deadlines associated with a major product release.With such a competitive job market in San Francisco, it’s not always easy for a relatively unknown startup to find and recruit skilled tech talent. And while they couldn’t necessarily compete with the big-brands when it came to salary or name recognition on a resume, they knew they were building a really cool product and that they could attract the right...
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“You May Also Like” Gradient Descent: Recommendation Engines for Candidate Sourcing

“You May Also Like”, ”Searches Related To”, “Netflix Suggested Movies”, “Other Users Viewed”...Recommenders come in many forms. And I won’t be addressing any of them directly. Instead, I’d like to propose a new way of looking at how a recommendation engine can be used to strengthen and simplify a recruiter’s candidate sourcing process.[Tweet "Most important step in your #recruitingprocess, from a #datascientist perspective"] FINDING THOSE KEYWORDS Let’s say you’re hiring for a Infrastructure Engineer. You have a pretty good idea of what skills are required for this job req:...
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The Real Cost of Hiring

We all know that calculating the real cost of hiring isn’t as simple as adding up the hourly salaries of everyone involved in the hiring process: The recruiters who source your prospective talent, phone screens by the recruiter and hiring manager, the hiring team who conducts onsite interviews, reference checking, salary / contract approval, onboarding. Yes, the cost of hiring certainly includes all of these numbers -- but it should also take into account some “hidden” metrics such as how you identify and engage your talent before you enter into the process of actually hiring them.Every company today faces...
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8 Questions with Duane Tapken, Recruiting Manager at Moovweb

We had the pleasure recently of catching up with Duane Tapken, Recruiting Manager at Moovweb to talk about how he became a recruiter in the first place, the challenges he faces within his role, how technology plays into the overall recruiting landscape, and his biggest successes he’s experienced over the past year.Ready for an crash course of what it’s like to be a recruiter for an ecommerce company? Read on.[Tweet "We caught up with Duane, Recruiter Manager @Moovweb to get his #recruiting wisdom"]Did you plan on becoming a recruiter, or did you sort of just fall into the role?Like 99.9% of the...
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Optimizing With Data in Talent Acquisition

Many talent acquisition leaders are beginning to borrow from the digital marketing playbook by using data to refine their recruiting strategy. Sophisticated data-driven optimization is not limited to the realm of digital marketing wunderkinds; it’s essential for making smart business decisions, including talent acquisition.[Tweet "Data is key to #recruitment optimization"]ANALYZE YOUR SOURCING CHANNELS A great starting point for data-driven optimization is with an analysis of your candidate sources. Evaluating sourcing channels whether it’s job boards, employee referrals, agency referrals, etc. is a...
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