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GILD 5-MINUTE MONDAY: Interview Questions That Actually Help You Hire

This week saw a bevy of talent acquisition stories. It was such a busy week, in fact, that it was more difficult than usual to weed through the headlines and cull down the best stories. But worry not — the deed is done. You're welcome.5 Interview Questions That Actually Help You HireLou Adler makes a bold claim in this article — that he's found the perfect interview question. Find out what it is, along with what red flags you should look out for when you ask someone why they're leaving their current job. Via EREmedia.comGE Uses Hot Sauce to Burnish Image With Young RecruitsTalk about employer...
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What You Don’t Know About Analytics May Crush Your Hiring Efforts

Data. Analytics. Reporting. Three words recruiters and hiring managers throw around on the daily. But they're also three words you probably couldn't distinguish between if your job depended on it. But guess what — it does.And although hiring teams are working hard to use data to find better candidates, identify weak areas of the recruiting process, and better address questions around ROI, they're doing so incorrectly. That's because the majority of recruiters can't begin to describe the difference between analytics and reporting.Don't get us wrong — each plays an important role in HR communications. But...
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Why Data Illiteracy Is Killing Your Career

Here's a situation no recruiter loves: someone from the C-suite asks for a report on the ROI of talent acquisition. So you pore over all the data your team has accrued. But it might as well be hieroglyphics, because as you scratch your head and squint your eyes, you can't begin to make sense of it all. In other words, your data illiteracy is on full display.And in today's talent acquisition landscape, which is becoming more and more data driven, this illiteracy is deadly. Companies aren't just demanding better information about ROI, recruiters need to also use data to deliver a more streamlined candidate...
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Happy Monday! This week's headlines focused mainly on – no big shocker here – Millennials and HR tech. Riveting stuff. No, really. So I'll let you get to it.Bad HR Tech Implementations — It's Not The Tech, It's YouThink about your top complaints when it comes to your systems. Could any of these have been avoided? This article argues just that and then offers tips on how to improve your next implementation. Via EREmedia.comMaximizing Retention Across the Millennial Landscape—People Analytics and Personality AssessmentForty percent of Millennials say they see themselves at their current...
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Why Recruiters Should Be Replaced by Robots

We've long seen robots replacing well-paying manufacturing jobs, resulting in huge social and economic fallout. But what happens when AI evolves to the point where it displaces roles — like recruiting — once held by knowledge workers?I'm no futurist, so I really can't say what will happen. But I do know that the staid world of recruiting is ripe for a little AI. I've covered this topic in a previous post, when I discussed how emerging technologies are already eliminating huge waste in the hiring process. But if you're currently playing a recruiting role and wondering about the impact of AI, you need to ask...
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