The Gild Hiring Platform

Gild fundamentally transforms your entire talent acquisition and hiring process.
By using data science, consumer-friendly technologies, and predictive analytics,
Gild makes finding, engaging, and hiring the right talent simple and smart.

  • Sourcing

    Find the absolutely right talent in our living database of 100 million prospects or use our smart candidate search to easily create killer job reqs with the highest conversions and most searched keywords. Then publish to thousands of job boards with a single click.

  • CRM

    Build meaningful relationships with candidates using our automatic skill and availability updates, easy-to-craft campaigns, and duplication management. Stay ahead of the game and engage with likely hires at the right time, every time.

  • ATS

    Make hiring a seamless, collaborative pastime your whole company will love. Find flawless prospects in our huge living database with our constantly adapting recommendation engine and get instant alerts even before someone’s on the market.

  • BI & Analytics

    Use our smart dashboards and customizable reports to easily analyze progress against key metrics and navigate potential roadblocks. Locate and land perfect candidates with a data science approach that gets the most out of your search.

Hiring Success Blog

Whether you’re a recruiting pro or a hiring newbie, we’ve got the insights to help develop the hiring skills that can take you to infinity and beyond. Follow our blog to learn how to spend more time where it matters most – building relationships and awesome new strategies – so you can become the best you ever.

Our Customers

Our customers are building successful companies by finding and hiring the right people for the right jobs faster, better, and more cost-effectively.

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TripAdvisor + Gild
Finding a Specific Candidate to Fill a Niche Roll

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Fitbit + Gild
Using Gild to Get Superior Recruiting ROI & Enhance Efficiency

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Gainsight + Gild
Creating a Consistent Process That Turns Sourcing Into a Team Sport

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“We’re expanding our global team and want to hire the best the market has to offer.”

Recurly Testimonial – Sarah Mascardo

“Gild lets us look at talent, match prospects to our requirements, and cultivate longer-term relationships with passive candidates. It’s extremely impressive.”

Sarah Mascardo / Head of Talent

Red Hat Testimonial – L.J. Brock

“For us at Red Hat the first thing I experienced with Gild is a different kind of innovation. The Gild Platform is a very impressive product innovation advancement.”

L.J. Brock / VP Talent Group & People Infrastructure