We evaluate and score millions of developers, so hiring teams can work together to target the right people.

For most organizations, the process of hiring great developers isn’t just about applicant quantity — it’s about quality. Gild is the only company truly dedicated to helping talent acquisition and engineering teams work together to find and engage the tech talent they need.

Gild’s proprietary evaluation technology lets you see the full candidate picture. Our Expertise score ranks a developer’s ability to code, while our Demand score tells you how competitive it will be to recruit the candidate. Use the rich tech skills analysis data points we provide to engage developers and improve your response rates.

With Gild Source, you can better understand the skills and experience of developers, so you can prioritize and make the most of your interactions with them. This can allow you to find hidden talent and engage them before your competitors even know they’re there.

Gild Source’s scoring enables hiring teams to not only find talent — but know who can get the job done.

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The Gild Scoring System

Take the guesswork out of identifying the right developers. With Gild Source know who’s good.

The power of Gild Source lies in its unique approach to analyzing candidates’ publicly available code and their experience. Using proprietary algorithms and data science to analyze programmers’ actual code and technical contributions from over 80 open source communities and Q&A sites, as well as their job and academic history, Gild Source has profiled and scored millions of developers.

Gild Source helps you understand developers’ technical expertise and demand in the job market via two five-point scores called Expertise and Demand.

These two scores represent the different qualities of each developer:

  • Expertise is a measure of a developer’s technical capability, as determined by analyzing code shared on open source sites such as GitHub, Bitbucket and Google Code, and technical knowledge demonstrated on sites like Stack Overflow.
  • Demand indicates how in demand someone is in the job market. It is a measure of a person’s formal achievements, like education and work history. This score tells you how competitive it will be to recruit a specific developer.

With Gild Source’s scoring you can quickly identify the right developers with proven skills and experience.

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Data Collection & Scoring

Gild Source analyzes candidates’ shared work, as well as social data indicators specific to tech talent. Powered by proprietary technology, it searches the web for information on developers including their public code, contributions to developer forums, and their job and academic history. Then, Gild Source utilizes patent-pending algorithms and data science to score the skills and experience of the millions of developers it finds.

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Profile Creation

Based on the information gathered, we create a Gild Source profile for each developer, which contains their Gild scores and rankings, an experience summary, as well as aggregated social data to help you effectively engage them.

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The Result

This means that you get a living database of over 11 million developers from 200 countries that refreshes biweekly, so you know it’s up-to-date.