8 Crazy Offices, 1 Company, and the Value of a Human Work Environment

Fast Company recently published an article called “8 of Google’s Craziest Offices.” Yes, these offices are crazy, but in a good way. What sets each Google office apart is how radically different they are from traditional business environments. Google’s offices are inviting, fun, and serve as an environment that empowers employees to be their best….

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The 5 Websites All Tech Recruiters Need to Know About

Hunting for developers to hire is time consuming and rather difficult, if you don’t know where to look. Normally, when recruiting, you might start your search on LinkedIn. But the problem is developers don’t use it regularly. With tight hiring deadlines and low developer activity on a go-to professional network, one question comes to mind:…

Step Away From the Computer and Start Talking to Hiring Managers: This Week on Hiring Headlines Weekly

Hiring Headlines Weekly is a weekly series that highlights valuable hiring and recruiting content from around the web. In this issue of Hiring Headlines Weekly: Recruiters: Step Away From the Computer and Start Talking to Hiring Managers 10 Top-Tier Recruiter Tips for 2014 Big Challenges for Recruiting Leaders – The Top 10 Upcoming Recruiting Problems The Recruiting…


Gild Says Its Algorithms Could be Used to Lift People Out of Poverty

Finding good talent — especially software engineers — is incredibly hard, but Gild says its algorithms can identify people with the right fit, in qualifications and also in cultural fit, sometimes in places where companies wouldn’t think of looking.

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Will Algorithms Replace Resumes?

Why Neuroscientist Dr. Vivienne Ming says using big data to find hidden talent is not only the wave of the future; it’s the only way to bring real diversity to the workplace

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