How to Design a Great Hiring Process: This Week on Hiring Headlines Weekly

Hiring Headlines Weekly is a weekly series that highlights valuable hiring and recruiting content from around the web. In this issue of Hiring Headlines Weekly: How to Design a Great Hiring Process: Think Candidate UX! Why Do People Actually Quit Their Jobs? (Infographic) Top 10 Talent Trends Pinball Parties Working for Austin Software Developer 3 Important Lessons…

Why Do Employees Leave Companies?

Have you ever wondered why employees decide to leave a company? The last thing any company wants is turnover. It’s not good for team morale and creates a situation that takes precious resources, like time and money, away from the company. The reality is, employees leave for a variety of reasons. But it’s important understand…


Technology’s Rainbow Connection

Gild’s VP of Research and Insight, Vivienne Ming, shares her thoughts on Silicon Valley’s embrace of the gay and lesbian community.

— The New York Times

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