Gild is changing the way everyone — from startups to Fortune 1000 organizations — finds and evaluates technical talent. With all the recruiting technology out there, it’s not just a question of whether an organization can find developers. Even when there are enough candidates, it’s difficult to figure out who has the necessary skills and experience, and who doesn’t.

With our proprietary algorithms and data science, Gild evaluates the world of information available on developers — including their actual code — and delivers intelligence on their proven abilities. That means you not only find candidates — you know who can get the job done. Founded in 2011, Gild is headquartered in San Francisco and has offices in Salt Lake City and Milan.

Watch CEO and Co-Founder Sheeroy Desai talks with with Betty Liu from Bloomberg Television’s “In The Loop” about how Gild uses big data to find qualified employees.

The Gild Story: How We Got Here

Gild’s co-founders, Sheeroy Desai and Luca Bonmassar, came together with one common belief: that tech hiring should be merit-based. Sheeroy and Luca started Gild because they both experienced tremendous challenges hiring the talent they needed. At his previous company, Sheeroy had the Recruiting department reporting to him and found hiring developers to be an extremely inefficient and expensive process. Candidates with stellar resumes filled with brand names didn’t actually have impressive tech skills. But this was only discovered after wasting time interviewing the wrong candidates. In fact, Sheeroy faced the prospect of missing business goals because it was so hard to find the tech talent he needed. Luca experienced the recruiting problem from a hiring manager’s perspective. When he led a team of developers at his previous company, he was constantly brought in to meet candidates that turned out to be unqualified. As a result, Luca built his own code evaluation technology to help identify skilled developers up-front, and teamed up with Sheeroy to found Gild.

By evaluating developers’ actual work and skills, Gild enables companies to focus on the real indicators of developer talent and hire based on merit. Gild is the only company truly dedicated to helping talent acquisition and engineering teams work together to find tech talent that can get the job done.